Online Slots Machine Payback Percentage

Slot games are based on a Random Number Generator (RNG). This means that your chances of winning are left at the mercy of the RNG. You can apply some online strategies to cap your losses though. The payback that you receive on your slot winnings is how much you can win based on your bet. This is usually presented in a percentage formula. The standard percentage is somewhere in the range of 82-98% of your total bet. Online slots are usually on the higher side of those numbers. The casino will let you know what their payback percentages are.

Loose Slots

Loose slots are referred to as the games or machines that pay out the best. You will find that slot games that accept the higher coin values usually payback the best. This would mean that a penny slot would payback less than a nickel slot but a fifty cent slot would payback even more. A good rule of thumb to follow is that slots that accept a five dollar or better coin value will payback at almost 99%, quarter coin values will payback about 90%, and nickel coin values will generally payback about 85%.

Tight Machines

Each casino will vary but brick and mortar casinos are a lot trickier to determine. They have what is called “tight” machines and these are usually found in airports and motels. The reason they are called tight is because they have a much lower payback than others, usually around 80% or often even much lower.

Use Caution

Trying to win can be expensive and very dangerous. This is why it is so important to remember to never play with money that you cannot afford to lose. Take a certain amount of money and that is it! Bank your winnings and do not dip in them and NEVER try to beat the casino. Once you have lost your bankroll do not try to access cash from other spots. If you want to play longer then decrease your wagers and stretch your bankroll out.

Go ahead and look for the slot games that have the highest paybacks. This is a smart move and may help you in the long run. Playing online slots can be extremely fun if you remember that it is a leisure activity that is meant to be enjoyed. When you play online slots be safe and have fun!