How to Calculate Odds

If you enjoy playing slots online then surely at least once this question has crossed your mind, "What are my odds of winning?" The truth is that a lot rides on what kind of slot you are playing. In order to even begin calculating your odds you must know the number of symbols that are on each reel. You should also keep in mind that all slots are powered by a random number generator, otherwise known as a RNG. In the opinion of some, because of the RNG, it is impossible to calculate any odds, others disagree.

In the days before random number generators were used there were ways to find the odds of any single combination. The odds could be calculated because there was an equal chance of for the symbols to appear on the pay line. Therefore, this could become a mathematical equation that could be solved. Computing the odds of a slot machine is difficult to say the least. You need to know the number of reels there are on the slot you are calculating and the number of symbols that are on each reel. Finally, you will have to do some homework on the pay table because you have to have a good idea about how much each symbol is worth.

If your slot machine is a three reel slot and there are ten symbols on each reel, you will want to set up your math equation like this: 10x10x10 = 1000 This is how many possible different combinations there could be. It would be fair to say that your likelihood of winning the jackpot are then 1 in 1000. The fact remains that with the RNG it is next to impossible to calculate your chances of winning. What you can know for sure is that these jackpots are won daily by people across the globe. These people are in the right place at the right time and they are lucky that particular day.

We cannot also ignore the fact that slot machines have been programmed to pay out percentages of what goes into it. What that percentage is, no one really knows for sure. Just remember that there are tight slots and there are loose slots. Loose slots tend to pay back a higher percentage than tight slots do especially online slots. Higher denomination slots will seem to pay out the best. Tight slots pay out much less but the good news for online players is that tight slots are generally brick and mortar slots that are found in airports, motels, and bars.

Nevertheless, most will agree that this is part of the beauty of playing slots. You never quite know when you are going to be able to fill your pockets with the big jackpot!