5-reel slots

Some people prefer three reel slot games and others like to play five reels. Which one is better is really up to the individual player. Some players believe that five reel slots provide more winning opportunities while others do not like five reel slots because they say they cost too much to play.

What is a Five Reel Slot

Five reel slots are a lot more widely held than they have been over the past two decades or so. What sets the five reels apart from the three reels is these games are presented on a screen and have no spinning reels. Five reels also mean more symbols and more winning combinations. The end result in generally bigger jackpot wins too!

More Reels mean more Pay Lines

Five reel slots also accompany more pay lines so it is very common to find as many as 20 pay lines with a 200 coin max wager allowed in these games. What can be confusing is when you have to convert coins into cash. Still, these are quite popular at online casinos and at brick and mortar casinos alike. It is true that it does cost a bit more to play the five reel slots. This is why it is a good idea to look over a game before you start pumping your cash into it. Five reel slots do also give you bonus features, wild, scatter and multiplier symbols. The winning combinations on a five reel slot are usually three to five symbols that make up a winning combination. Five reel slots do pay out more frequently but not as high of amounts.

Five Reel Slots can Cost More

Another thing about five reel slots is to really increase your odds of winning you should play all lines. Usually there will be somewhere between five and 20 pay lines on a five reel slot game. You do not want to keep betting the max on all pay lines because that can get expensive quickly and you can literally blow through your bankroll fast. Consider this, on a five reel slot with 20 pay lines where the wager is a nickel, if you play the max of five coins per line you will be spending five bucks every time you spin. This is, of course, unless you are playing a progressive jackpot game where you have to play the max to qualify for the progressive.

You never know if a five reel slot win is in your future unless you give them a try! Download and play your favorite five reel slot game today!

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