Myths about Slots

Dogzilla Slots (RTG)

Many people have various myths about slot machines and most people believe that there is a rational explanation for a win or a loss or that there is a way to master the system. Unfortunately, all of these are old wives tales. Just two decades ago, slot machines only were responsible for around 30% of casino turnover whereas today it accounts for 70% and most of this is because of better technology, mainly the computer. Slot machines are turning out life changing windfalls left and right.

Random Number Generators

The truth is that slot machines are run by the Random Number Generator (RNG). Each slot has a computer chip inside of it. The numbers inside of the slot machine are continually running even when the slot machine has no player at it, it is still running inside. As soon as you pull the lever on a slot or hit a button the Random Number Generator, otherwise known as the RNG, is already selecting the combination. This means that whether you stayed at that machine or walked away, the numbers would be the same. The machine is running through thousands of combinations every nano second. Some people also think that if you count the symbols on the reels that you can predict, with a degree of accuracy, the odds of winning, which of course is also untrue.

Is it due to hit?

Another big myth is that a slot machine is due to hit. There is no way to determine that at all because of the Random Number Generator. What happened last or what is about to happen next means nothing on a slot machine at all. This myth is as silly as people believing that warmer temperature coins will result in more wins since the slot is merely a machine, it has no feeling at all.

Are the slots rigged?

Again, because of the Random Number Generator there is no way that the casino can rig the slots. There is also no difference for or against your odds if you pull the lever or the button, the results will be identical. And, just because a slot machine hits the jackpot does not mean that it won't hit again. No one knows when it will hit again; it could be right away and maybe not. It could hit again on the very next spin. Finally, the machines that hit the most often in a brick and mortar casino are not necessarily the ones at the entrance or by the cafeteria.

So as you can see now, your odds of winning are just as good as the next guys!