7 Reel Slots

Slots are very well loved with online gamers and they actually have been since the very first slot was invented in 1887. This was called the one armed bandit and its popularity grew and advanced to three reel slot games. Slots have come a long way ever since and now players can enjoy five, seven, and 12 reel slot options. The seven reel slots have been well received, likely because of the variety they offer. Seven reel slots are also probably the least available but when you run across one you should always give it a try!

Rare Commodity

The truth is that there are only a couple of online seven reel slots on offer right now but more are surely in the works. The few seven reel slots do not offer any of the other bells and whistles like many other slots do. This means do not look for bonus games, free spins features, multipliers or bonus symbols, wild symbols or scatter symbols. At least, not yet! These two seven reel slot games are powered by Wager Gaming Technology.

Where to Play

Find your favorite Wager Gaming Technology Casino and locate these rare breeds. Lincoln Casino is one such casino that makes these slots available for US players. These seven reel slot games can be played for free in the practice mode or you can download and play for real money.

Farming Fortunes Slots

Farming Fortunes is one of the seven reel slot games on offer. This one has seven reels and nine pay lines and it has a farm yard theme so expect symbols such as the cow, a goat, a pig, a duck, a horse, a duck and a farmer. Play with coin values that start at a penny up to ten bucks per spin. The top jackpot is 2,500 coins and it is all yours for just seven straw hat symbols.

Lucky Sevens Slots

Lucky Sevens is another seven reel favorite. This one has seven reels and seven pay lines. The theme and the symbols are all about the lucky sevens. There is a top jackpot of 2,500 coins. Watch the sevens and cherries!

Make sure to test the reels with one of these seven reel slot games. You will have a great time while playing one of these rather rare slot games. These games are open for US players at your favorite seven reel US friendly casino.