A Simple Slot System

Many people want to know if there is one simple strategy to winning slots and taking home the jackpot. To answer this question honestly you would have to understand the way that slots work in the first place to understand any kind of strategy.

Consider "Double Diamond"

First let's look at a two coin multiplier slot machine, for example, IGT's "Double Diamond" machine is a good place to start. These slots pay off according to which symbols you get and then the prize will increase depending on how much you wager or how many coins you bet. On this particular machine you can win 800 coins if you wagered one coin and it goes up to 1,600 coins when you play two coins. This slot game also makes use of a doubler which will double your prize.

How to Bet

Here is the idea, start inserting one quarter at a time into the machine. Now you are playing but only wagering one coin bets and continue to do this until you get a win. Then, after you have won, start playing again with quarters but wager two at a time. Here is the catch though, when wagering the two coins you must use one from your previous winnings and another from your bankroll. In the end you will want to add up what you have in coins. Put anything that you win aside and take the difference to continue playing.

Know when to walk away

If you break the bank then you should move on to a new machine. The catch is that you never tap into your winnings as they are the cash that you will take home. If at any time you end up with no coins then you walk away. If you decide to come back to play later then you use a whole new bankroll. What this so called simple slot system should tell you is that there is no way to master the slots and beat them intentionally but what you can develop is a system that allows you more playing time with less risk of managing your money poorly when you are in the heat of the game.

This is how you will play while keeping the play fun and never allowing it to get out of control. Is there a system to basically cash in on the slots and get rich, the answer is no!