Nickle High Rollers

If you have followed slots in the past then you will understand how nickel slots have been stereotyped in the past. They have been looked at as the cheap slots. These are the slot machines where you will find those who are a bit reluctant to gamble carefully counting their nickel rolls. The truth is that this is by far no longer the case with nickel slots. They are to be taken seriously and have really transformed. As it turns out, nickel slots are not cheap to play at all. More and more slot machines are offering a multi slot option which means that a nickel turns out to be a good sum to bet with. The more lines the lower the coin value will usually be.

How much will it cost you?

Consider a nine pay line slot machine that accepts a quarter, you would have to wager over $100 per spin with .25 but with a nickel you would only spend a little over two bucks per spin. There is a big difference there. There is also a lot more versatility with nickel slots and many players do not think twice about adding extra coins since it is just a nickel. It is also proven that players are more likely to play down their credits with a nickel slot machine because for some reason a quarter means much more than a nickel. Basically, four quarters means more than 20 nickels.

Advantages of nickel slots

There are many advantages to a nickel slot machine and actually the cost is the biggest advantage. With a five pay line slot machine you only have to wager a quarter. People that enjoy slots can kick back and have fun with little investment when they play nickel slots. Even losing at nickel slots doesn't hurt as bad as when you lose. You can actually play at nickel slots for the whole day with a twenty dollar bill.

A little more about nickel slots

There are many online casinos that offer nickel slots. Just look around and fine the one that best meets your needs. There are many kinds of gaming formats for nickel slots that are very exciting and enthralling. Nickel slots have become the most popular slots at all casinos but especially at online casinos.

So why not play a little nickel slots today? There are surely plenty to keep you busy!

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