Slot Machine Cash Back

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Does it make any sense to you to be playing in an online casino or otherwise and to simply give money to the casino? Of course it doesn't but that is essentially what you are doing when you do not use your player's card. The truth is that most people are not even aware of what they are doing when they do this. If you are using a casino that offers cash back to their players then you should be using your player's card for sure. These player's cards have great offers such as players earn $5 for every couple hundred points. This can actually be quite significant to you.


Some seasoned players will blame the oversight of not using their player's card on it bringing them bad luck or that they "heard" that the casino offers cash back because they pay back less when you use a player's card. The truth is that the card has nothing to do with your luck at the machine. A Random Generator determines if and when you will win, nothing else. So when you do not use your player's card you are just giving money away as opposed to allowing the casino to pay you for playing slot machines.

Some simple math

All you have to do is a little simple division to figure out what you are either earning or giving away at the casino by not using your player's card. If the casino pays you two points for every dollar that you wager then 1,000 points will get you back a dollar. It may not seem like that much but these points add up quickly and it doesn't require much effort to actually use the card.

Comp points

The points that are paid are called "comp points" and they can be exchanged for even more than just money, they can be exchanged for prizes as well. The amount of points that is given depends on your game selection. In other words, the casino might have one offer for slots and another for blackjack. This can mean as much as 0.3% cash back and the prizes can be free entry to online tournaments, tickets to special events, or even souvenirs. The bottom line is to not forget to use your player's card because when you do you are just throwing valuable cash away! Sign up for your player's card today and use it!