The Addams Family Slots

If you are old enough to remember the eerie yet funny Addams Family TV series then you are sure to love this slot game brought to you by International Gaming Technology. The Addams Family is a nickel slot machine game with a progressive jackpot that promises to pay out nothing less than $100,000. All you have to do to win it is get five Addams Family Symbols lined up. What is really cool is that the game is narrated by the original John Astin who played Gomez Addams on the show and you will catch him saying some of his famous sayings from the show. Don't wait, download the Addams Family slots now!

Market Madness

There are three different versions of this slot game but the good news is that each game does have a bonus round. The three versions are Fry Fester, Market Madness and Pick to win. The differences are mainly in the bonus rounds and in Market Madness only three market madness symbols will get you into the bonus round where you will find Gomez Addams behind the desk offering you cash from his billfold in an attempt to make you an offer, which you can accept or reject. If you say no to the offer then he will again offer it a total of four times, the fourth offer you have to take.

Pick to Win

In the Pick to Win game you head off to the bonus game when you get three symbols and here the challenge takes place in a graveyard, which happens to be the yard of the Addams' Mansion. You will find four graves and each one has a monetary amount on it. You pick a grave and a ghoul will appear where he will direct you to either collect or proceed to the next grave. Eventually you have to collect and then all of your grave totals are tallied up to determine your win.

Fester Fry

Fester Fry is the final bonus version and to trigger it you need to get three Uncle Fester symbols. You will know that you are in the bonus round when you see Uncle Fester in an electric chair and once the volts start to race through his body you will find the multipliers which will blast back and forth from five to eight. You want to click the button to hit the eight multiplier, obviously. When you hit the smaller multiplier then you will end the bonus round.

The Addams Family Slots is a ghoulishly great time but can not be played online - so download Haunted Reels, Monster Money or Naughty Ninjas Slots and play today!