Tips for Slot Players

When it comes to slot machines it is certain that if there is a tip or a strategy available that any player would surely want it. While there is no winning answer in slots there are some key tips that can help you out.


First of all, never buy anything that claims they can teach you how to win at slots. It is a guaranteed fraud because there is no sure fire system at all. Slots are run by computer chips that are called Random Number Generators, plain and simple. The winning combination has nothing to do with how or when you push the button.


When you are playing progressive jackpots always play the full coin value. If you don't then you can not win. These jackpots are much larger because each machine in the network will offer a percentage of each wager so it builds quickly. Often these jackpots are life changing amounts of money. If you are not going to play the max then you may as well play a standard slot machine.

Player's card

When you sign up at a casino you get a player's card. Use it! By not using these cards you are really missing out on some great things. These cards rack up points that are redeemable for free food, entertainment, hotels, and even cash back. You are earning these things by simply playing so use them.

Manage cash

The best way to play is to take any winnings and pull out what you spent so far, plus a little extra and put it away. It is not to be touched. Then play with what is left so no matter what you do not leave having lost any money and at least are up a few bucks. Plus, always keep written track of what you win. This is important because any jackpot won that is over $1,200 is reported to the IRS and you will get a W2-G for it. If you keep track at least you can use some of your losses to offset your wins and not owe so much to Uncle Sam.

Take your time

A lot of people have a tendency to hurry while they play slots and there is no reason for it. In the end the only thing that will happen is you will go through more money than if you had played slower. So slow down and enjoy yourself. By the same token, do not play more than one machine at a time either.