City of Gold Slots

Wager Gaming Technology’s City of Gold is a fun, traditional style five reel slot game from the people who brought us Butterflies, Fire Hawk and so many other icons of online Slot Game play. Like those, this game is a solid playing and easy to understand five-reeler, this time in a fun Aztec theme, playing off the legends of the El Dorado, the lost city of gold!

Aztec Imagery

Upon log on to City of Gold, the player is met with stylized South American/Aztec imagery. The reels are centered on the screen, and the usual WGT control buttons are arrayed across the bottom of the screen. This, being a simple style of game, does not have custom sound design – the only sounds heard are the machine noises of a traditional, land-based slot machine game. Though this is not particularly creative, it in no way detracts from the game.

Aztec Symbols

The low-end symbols in City of Gold are handled by card indices ranging from 9 through Ace. The higher end symbols include a jungle plant and a toad, an Aztec Necklace and Mask, an Aztec Arch and a Temple pegs the top. The card symbols are the typical, blocky Vegas Tech symbols – again, not particularly creative, but they do their job. The higher end symbols are nicely rendered and really contribute to the overarching Aztec theme.

The Archway serves as the Scatter symbol, and when it pops up three times or more, 15 free spins are awarded. During the free spin phase, all winnings are tripled, and more free spins may be won during that phase too.

The Temple is the wildcard, replacing any symbol in any winning combination with the usual exception of the Scatter.

Aztec Treasure

Coin values are set by the player to denominations ranging from 1¢ up to $10. There are 25 paylines, each of which accepts a single coin bet. As a result, all lines may be bet for as little as 25¢ or as much as $250, making the range of this game suitable for a wide range of players up to moderately high rollers.

When five temples line up the big jackpot of 6000 coins is won. If it is hit during a free spin round, however, it adds up to a generous 18000 coins!

The secondary jackpot is won when three masks line up – that combo wins 3000 coins. During a free spin round, it adds up to 9000 coins! For what is, in essence, a very simple, straightforward game, the jackpots here are very generous.

Play in the City of Gold Now!

City of Gold is not a game for players who want complex video game style bonus rounds – it is a straightforward five-reel game of the type that players would have found in Las Vegas twenty years ago. With that expectation set, it is a classy version of that basic style of slot. So settle into you favorite game station and head over to your favorite WGT property now, and get the reels spinning on City of Gold!