Three Stooges II Slots

Three Stooges II Slots is the newest slots game featuring your favorite slapstick comedy characters SlotoCash and Desert Nights Casinos, these three famous characters much loved by many are ready to thrill the pants off you. The most exciting part of this slots game is that each Stooge will trigger a fun game that will keep you amused with its playfulness. Play Three Stooges II Slots game and not only will you be highly entertained you also get to win some cash as well a wonderful win-win situation.

Surprising entertainment in three reels

Larry Curly and Moe are set to entertain you on three reels and three paylines. One of the unusual features of this game you can’t play on a single payline you have to play on all three paylines however the bet amount can vary from 10c per line making that 30c per spin or up to a dollar per line or $3 per spin.

The wild logo

The Three Stooges logo is the wild card, it will substitute for all the other symbols such as the studio, the gems, the antique car, cherries, 7’s and the film clipboard. But the wild will not substitute for the three stooges themselves.

Getting the three stooges on a payline will trigger video clips from their films. Each time the combination varies, for instance, two Larry’s and a curly you will see two Larry clips and a curly clip.

Curly gives free spins Cashola

Get three Curly’s on a payline and you are awarded 9 free spins with the prizes doubled in the free spins. Getting a combination of the three major characters will award you with an extra spin each time it happens.

Extra Feature games

On the playtable you will see two features on the sides Larry’s Stash on the left and Moe’s Moolah on the right.

The Larry feature game

Getting three Larry’s on a payline in the regular games you will notice that the feature has 6 ladder levels. Once the feature is enables you will click start and a dice will be rolled 5 times and each one will close off a level on the ladder. The level that has not been closed off after the three dice has rolled will give you the number of games you will play times number. The highest level is 20 free games times 7 the lowest is 7 free games times 2. When Larry, Curly and Moe appear on a payline you get an extra game free.

The Moes Moolah Feature game

Triggered when three Moes appear on a payline you activate the Moes Moolah Feature game and you press start, again there are 6 ladder levels which are eliminated by a dice the level left will be the one you play. The games range from 10 games x 3 up to a massive 100 games x 10.

The opportunities do not stop there

The Win-Win Feature

With this Win-Win feature if your total wins are only five times the bet or less you will be awarded the Win- Win prize. And if you by unfortunate chance have a NO WIN at the end of the feature games you still get awarded between ten up to 200 times you bet, a 0-2x awards you with 5-100 x your bet, and 2-5x win awards your 2-100x your bet. So all round you come out winning .

Everyone loves Jackpots

Three random jackpots are shown above the playtable, an Minor, Three Stooges and a Major jackpot which are continually being updated as your play the minor and major are won randomly and the three stooges is won when you hit three Wild Stooges Logo.

This game has so many reward opportunities you can’t miss the chances of winning.